Environmental Policy

FINANCE FOR IMPACT recognizes its responsibility for making a positive contribution to sustainable development as a long-term goal. FINANCE FOR IMPACT fulfills this responsibility in the way it operates and the decisions it takes on a day-to-day basis.


  • Seeks to become an energy-neutral company. We constantly look for opportunities to reduce our water and CO2 footprints.
  • Undertakes to implement pro-active measures to further improve its environmental performance and to ensure that environmental considerations are integrated in its activities.
  • Undertakes to introduce best practices with regard to its main environmental impacts, in particular greenhouse gas emissions. FINANCE FOR IMPACT supports and contributes to its clients’ efforts to use renewable energy and reduce energy consumption in its buildings.
  • Endeavours to further strengthen its green approach and contribution to circular economy by integrating environmental criteria into its procedures and into the rules for organising events.
  • Calls for sustainable green meetings and fully digital work place.
  • Encourages responsible and appropriate behavior by training, providing information and increasing the awareness of all its staff about relevant aspects of their activities.
  • Encourages its staff to use environmentally friendly transports and encourages bottom-up initiatives reducing our environmental footprint.

All these commitments will be developed by an open dialogue with the staff.

FINANCE FOR IMPACT undertakes to describe in detail, implement and pursue this present Environmental Policy, to communicate it to its staff, contractors and any other interested parties and to make it accessible to the public.